1. camrename

Rename a picture taken with the Digital Camera File specification to use a more Unix-friendly name.
Original script from "Geoff's Digicam Tools for Linux" Modified by me to work with exiftool instead of Metacam.

2. findflash

This script finds cached Adobe Flash files open in any browser under Linux

3. fritz-ip

Script which will connect to your Fritz!Box and trigger a reconnect with the purpose to get a new IP

4. fritzboxrecon.desktop

KDE desktop file to manually trigger your Fritz!Box to reconnect with the purpose to get a new IP - success will be shown in the notification area

5. ftp_backup

Script to automatically backup domains from a ISPCP-Omega installation to a remote FTP server

This script uses web scraping technology to monitor websites for certain keywords. If those keywords are present, it will send notifications via eMail.

7. shutdown-if-idle

You have a small server running at home but don't want it to waste energy if nothing is going on? Try this little script which checks a couple of parameters to determine if your server is in use or not and if not, it will shutdown the server. New checks can easily be added. Feel free to adjust everything to fit your needs.

8. java-distfile-download

Download JAVA JRE and JDK via the command line to your /usr/portage/distfiles directory

9. seconds-to-days

Convert seconds to a more human readable syntax: 120096s == 1d 9h 21m 36s

10. Download

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